Wiener Mischung - Gasometer
DJ Crew , the first, I ever photographed, but now the second time. Was a pleasure.
Regina - City
A couple of shots in the downtown to refresh, or restart the social media game.
Alisa - V.I.C
A skyscraper in a small country, in Europe, and a woman, never stand before in front of the camera. That is a recipe.
Rasmus - Garage
Just need an actor, and a garage, with the ugliest stuff in it. But the actor should be outstanding.
Carina - Prater
The Prater is famous. Especially in Vienna. Especially not for photography. But for photography is always a good choice.
Vikt├│ria - Stadtpark
A day in Stadtpark, Vienna. Not even a day, just a couple of hours. Actually 1 hour. Photos for Social Media.
Sedra - Sch├Ânbrunn
A day with a beauty, actually it is just an hour with a beauty. A famous location, and the first try in front of the camera.
Ralph - Juggler
First time to catch a juggler in action. He is on the way a lot to entertain us. Vienna, Gasometer.
Mario - Seestadt
How to be elegant? Tap for the answers.
Ahmed - Kahlenberg
A day on the Kahlenberg with Ahmed. Vienna's most favourite and visited place to see the city.
Alma Tamas - BMX
A master of BMX. A pleasure to photograph a talented sportsman like him.
Roman - Skater
The famous "Schwedenplatz" with a lot of graffitis around, Vienna. Roman has a voice, everyone would be surprised.
Rasmus - Opern
Being an actor means a way to get to know yourself properly. And of course a lot of routine in front of the lens.
Regina - Sport
Besides the lot of work she does, she is also a sport fan.
Andrea - Rollerskate
A fabulous designer, a good idea, some accessories, and the photograph is ready.
Inez - Dancer in Vienna
A hungarian dancer guides you around the city. Check out, how to wait for the bus.
Seestadt is the future part of Vienna. She was there already.
Nina - Vienna
First time to visit Vienna, but not the first time in front of the lens. A beauty in a beautiful city.
Guadalupe - Vienna by night
A woman from Argentina visited Vienna. We packed our stuff and went out for a night shooting in the city.
Niki - Volksgarten
A day for the memories, first time in front of the camera
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