What to know before the wedding?

In the following we go through the steps together, to see, what you need to do before you book and after you made the booking for your big day.

Step one

Contact me, the platform you like the most. Phone, message, e-mail. Tell me about your your wedding day, your ideas and other infos, you would like to share. 

Step two

As soon as we through part one, we meet for a coffee. We talk, to get to know each other a bit, also we could make a pre-shooting, for you to see, how easy and fun it is.

Step two plus

Until now, we talked, we met, we decided over everything we needed to. Plans, ideas, albums, schedule, photos. Now we think about any further questions. 

Step up

The day is coming, and coming, closer and closer. 
You prepared, me as well. Ready to photograph, unleash my creativity. Ready to rumble!