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I am Adam Balogh or Balogh Adam.
A photographer, a memory maker, a friend, a comedian, a listener, a creative mind, a worker. 
Or I am just a photographer. The rest is just for filling up the about section. 

You are here because you just figured out that I am a photographer, or your wedding is coming, or you never did a photo session and you would like to try out, or you have a business and would like the make some good photos for the social media or you are my colleague, or someone who just get to know me and want to check my site, or none of the above.

Anyway… you are interested in photographs.

You are in the right place, I am the right guy! 
Contact me as soon as you know, what you are up to!


Frequently Asked Questions

All the questions I got along the way, answered.
 If not, get in touch with me, on any platform.

I can travel all around the world. However I live in Vienna, Austria. I do weddings, portraits, events mostly in Vienna, but I can also work in Hungary.

Question number one. It depends on the type of shooting we had, and the amount what we talked about. In case of of a mini portrait session 1 week, in case of a wedding 3 weeks. However I always clarify after the session.

You will get an access to an online, private gallery, where you can download all the finished photos for 2 weeks. After that, the gallery won’t be accessable, but in case you missed, I will still have the photos for a year. So do not worry. Otherwise, you can get them on USB stick, or as an album at additional cost.

Of course. Or what? Ah yeah, so, YOU will pick them personally. I will send you the access, where you can ‘flag’ the photos you like. Your pick is your pick. 

We look for another appointment to create our photos.

It also depends on the type of the shooting and the package you would like to have.

I tell you, why I don’t. RAW photo is the half of my work. If I give it to you without any edit I do, the pictures would be only half done. To bring you the result you booked me for, I edit and correct my photos. Sometimes the RAW file would be too dark that I can edit the details as wished, therefore the RAW itself would not be as good as the edited one. However, if you have a special ask for an edit, we can talk about it.

Anywhere. Based in Vienna and Budapest. Except Antarctica. I do not go there. 

I have a free guide for that which will come straight to your inbox if needed or downloadable at the wedding page.

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