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I am Adam Balogh or Balogh Adam.
A photographer, a memory maker, a friend, a comedian, a listener, a creative mind, a worker. 
Or I am just a photographer. The rest is just for filling up the about section. 

You are here because you just figured out that I am a photographer, or your wedding is coming, or you never did a photo session and you would like to try out, or you have a business and would like the make some good photos for the social media or you are my colleague, or someone who just get to know me and want to check my site, or none of the above.

Anyway… you are interested in photographs.

You are in the right place, I am the right guy! 
Contact me as soon as you know, what you are up to!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions, I being asked a lot. If you do not find the answer right, just get in touch with me.

Contact me and let’s chat about your big day, idea, or event what you would like to book me for. 

Not at all. I am based in Vienna, but I travel in Austria, of course Hungary, I am at least every month once in Budapest as well and of course worldwide.

I love every aspect of photography. Mostly I do portraits and weddings, inc. couple and engagement photosessions, since I love to capture natural moments, and the essence of relationships between people. 

I hope my photos are showing my style, but I am mostly in the background, totally invincible.

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