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The day is about you. I will guide you around the city we are in (Vienna, Budapest) and we discover the best places, locals and memorables. The plan is on us. Meantime, I will capture your whole story on an analog camera. You will get the results both digital and physically.

Budapest & Vienna

The idea is that we talk, have a coffee, enjoy and walk around a city and explore the it. Meanwhile I will take my analog camera, with a 35 film roll, to document your whole day. You can be alone, or with your partner, your dog, your mom, your father, your brother or your bestie. Doesn’t matter. As long as you enjoy. 
The story is there, will be a good memory. After we done, I will take it to develop, and you will get it in an online gallery and some as a gift.

on film


Plenty of locations we can choose from. Everything after discussion.

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